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Tender notice/ Multifunctional Training Centre (MFC) Kamza

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Tender notice

Date (Advertisement Date) 01 October, 2020

KfW Procurement Nr. 505654

Procurement of Ref. AL-KMZ-01/2020: Rehabilitation, extension and capacity upgrade of the MFC Kamza (construction works), in Albania. KfW Procurement Nr. 505654 Deadline:

30 October, 2020



Country:                                 The Republic of Albania

Financing:                              KfW Development Bank

Reference Number:              BMZ No: 2016.6750.0

Subject:                                  Procurement of Ref. AL-KMZ-01/2020: Rehabilitation, extension and capacity upgrade of the MFC Kamza (construction works), in Albania

Tenderer:                               The Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE),

Bulevardi “Dёshmorёt e Kombit”, Nr. 3, Tirana, Albania


Project measures:

The Government of Albania (GoA) has requested the German Government to support the further improvement of vocational education and training in Albania, specifically by supporting the establishment of the Multifunctional Training Centre (MFC) in Kamza as a pilot for further expansion of the intended MFC network in Albania. It is envisaged to implement the project under the German Development Cooperation through the German Development Bank – KfW Entwicklungsbank. The initial focus of this Financial Cooperation (FC) intervention is the rehabilitation, extension and capacity upgrade of the existing VET school at Kamza to become a fully-fledged MFC.


Requested works:

The existing MFC Kamza is located on a plot of approx. 8,576 m² and will be extended by two new buildings to be constructed: One 1-storey workshop-building for the Transport Car Services trade and one 2-storey classroom building with mixed trades functions (including facilities for the trade hotel and tourism and the classrooms for car services and hotel and tourism). Both buildings are located close to each other and are connected along a common axis.

The total gross floor building area will be approx. 4,100 m², the external area to be developed will be approx. 4700 m².

The works will comprise:

  • Civil works comprising floor, wall and ceiling partitions & finishes, plastering, tiling, internal partitioning fixtures and fittings, ironmongery, plumbing, drainage and sanitary installations, waterproofing, firefighting, electrical lifts, earthworks & paving in external areas, external works together with other works;
  • HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and cooling system, solar water heating installations for the new buildings together with other associated works;
  • Mechanical Installation: Water supply / distribution, sewerage; rainwater harvesting system and firefighting water tank;
  • Electrical Installation: Electrical Installations for the new buildings together with other associated works;
  • ICT and Security Systems: ICT network, cabling and Installations for the new buildings together with other associated systems;
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy installations for the new buildings together with other associated works.
  • Demolition works of existing garage/storage building (approx. 150m²).


Optional: Refurbishment of approximately 1,500 m² and moving of existing equipment to newly built facilities. One existing training kitchen for the bar/restaurant must be moved to the new building and some rooms refurbished after removal. Complete refurbishment max 200m², rest plastering/painting only.


The Contractor shall provide an Environmental and Social Management Plan.

Expected time schedule for completion / implementation: 12 months construction time and 12 months for a Defects Liability Period.

Prequalification of experienced Contractors will follow the “KfW Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works, Goods and associated Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries (August 2016)”, which are available on KfW’s internet web-site: https://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de/Download-Center/PDF-Dokumente-Richtlinien/Vergabe-E.pdf and also can be sent to all interested applicants by e-mail.

The contract will be awarded to an independent eligible and qualified contractor who has:

  • Construction Experience in Educational Buildings – Construction, Workshops, Civil Works, experience in higher installation degrees (electric, ventilation for the WS), at least 3 similar contracts since 1st January 2010 and of a minimum value of EUR 1,600,000 each or its equivalent in other currency. One of these contracts must be in Albania.

The Contractor shall also demonstrate:

  • a minimum annual construction turnover of EUR 3,900,000 (three million nine hundred thousand) or its equivalent in other currency over the last 5 years;
  • that it has access to, or has available, liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and other financial means (independent of any contractual advance payment) sufficient to meet the construction cash flow requirements estimated as at least EUR 430,000 (four hundred thirty thousand) or its equivalent in other currency for the subject contract(s) net of the Applicants other commitments.


Each Application will be also evaluated on correspondence to the Environmental and Social and Health and Safety (ESHS) Experience and Capacity and should receive at least 70 points out of maximum 100 points.

An Applicant may be a firm that is a private entity or a combination of such entities in the form of a joint venture (“JV”) under an existing JV Agreement or with the intent to enter into such an agreement supported by Declarations of Association.

Shortlist of pre-qualified applicants (contractors) will be limited to 5 (five) companies/JVs.

Further information concerning the prequalification is available with Margit Habusta, Email: [email protected].

Prequalification documents will be distributed electronically upon written request. The request must clearly state: “Request for Prequalification for Procurement of Ref. AL-KMZ-01/2020: Rehabilitation, extension and capacity upgrade of the MFC Kamza (construction works), Albania. KfW Procurement Nr. 505654


The Application as well as all correspondence shall be submitted in English.

Language for translation of supporting documents and printed literature is English.

In addition to the original, the number and type of copies to be submitted with the Application is:

3 (three) hard copies and 1 (one) digital copy, all in one envelope.

The Original Application shall be submitted not later than:

Date: 30 October, 2020

Time: 13:00 (Local time)

at the following address, which shall be the controlling address for the purposes of the timely submission of the Application:

To:                   Ministry of Finance and Economy

Attention:      Astrit Kuka, Director of Employment and Skills Policies

Address:          Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit Nr.3

City:                 Tiranë

ZIP Code:        N/A

Country:          The Republic of Albania



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